Tea Party Buffalo Pictures

Just got back from the Tea Party Express III in Buffalo.  My pictures didn't turn out that well, so I have got some from friends and other sources.

As I was new to the tea party thing, I was a bit apprehensive.  I was expecting to be with a bunch of fellow liberty lovers.  But I also expected at least a few uneducated guys with missing teeth, wearing tank tops.  I expected at least a couple of uneducated, misspelled signs with racial overtones. 

I was pleasantly surprised at all the good time, down to earth people that really know how to make fun of Obama.  There were plenty of signs, but not one crude, rude or racist.  The only really provocative signs were those of the counter protesters accusing us of "bigotry". 

The location was on the Navy Pier.  Right on the Niagara River/Lake Erie junction. 

There were families, blacks, whites and Hispanics. 

One thing that did surprise me was the average age of the "angry mob".  If these people are a bunch of angry white males intent on inciting violence, the police have nothing to worry about.  If they can take a cane in the gut, they'll be fine. 


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