Senator Cardin: Unemployment Benefits create $1.50 for every $1.00 spent

Now this is the reason why we are really in a fiscal pickle.  You have Senators who actually believe that money grows on trees.  Well, not exactly, but close enough.  Listen to the clip below. 

This is a United States Democratic Senator.  Hat Tip to Cafe Hayek, who got this straight from the DNC.  This is nothing that they are shy about sharing, it is something that they actually believe and use to make policy decision. 

For every $1.00 that taxpayers spend on unemployment benefits, they actually get a benefit of $1.50 in return.  That's right.  Poof. 

The Junior Senator from Maryland used the measuring stick of spending. If people are spending then that gets the economy moving. People on welfare, in that case, almost every one of them spend their entire welfare check. That's good right? 

If that is the case then I had a few ideas that could really get this economy going:
  1. We should extend unemployment benefits perpetually.  After all we are making 50% on our money.  
  2. We should start giving it out to the fully employed.  If its good for the unemployed why stop there.  
  3. We should double the unemployement rate. More stimulus for more unemployed.
  4. We could give it all to me with the promise that I will spend 100% of the money.  I don't think the Federal gov't is going to find a better deal anywhere. 


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