Where's the hate?: So obvious even a caveman can see it

When GEICO T.V. voice talent Lance Baxter, better known as D.C. Douglas (I call him Geico Voice), called Freedom Works, a Tea Party group, and left voicemails insulting Tea Party members and accusing them of promoting violence, GEICO did what any responsible company should do – they fired Baxter. 

In case you weren't following, Geico Voice called Freedom Works with a nastygram and asked "What are you going to do when someone from your movement kills somebody?" or something to that effect.  The poor sap left his return number.  Then, Freedom Works posted his number on their website and website readers started calling Geico Voice. Then, Geico Voice called him relieving him of his duties as their spokesman.

The whole exchange led to a flurry of nastygrams from both the right and the left.  Since both sides recorded the calls and put them into their own videos we have a rare opportunity to compare and contrast the hate.  You make the call. 

Exhibit A:  In the left corner

The following is a video prepared by the Geico guy who recorded all the responses from the readers of the Freedom Works site.  The worst insult left by the "Tea Partiers" is jackass.  Most were quite rational and even said, "Have a nice day".  Just an FYI, the racist poster with the N-word was from a self proclaimed tea party leader.  He was kicked out of the event.  Most people are doing their best to distance themselves from him.  

Exhibit B: In the right corner:

Compare this with the responses by the left to Freedom Works.  These are not just hateful, they are bordering on death threats.  Hey, I thought we were supposed to be the hateful ones.  These guys are not even civil.

Warning, there is a lot of bad language here, so click at your own risk!!


  1. Great example of where the real 'hate' is these days. Nice work! Link coming up....

  2. Wow! The comments from the left are absolutely appalling. This needs to go viral!

    Great expose.

  3. I lasted 30 seconds on the second video. I will never get that time back. Thanks

  4. Hmmmm what's funny is that I cannot view Exhibit A because of the European country I am in.. But the nasty trash talk can be heard on Exhibit B... But I think I still got the point after hearing a short clip.

  5. Pretty trashy huh? It's all about maintaining composure and decency, while maintaining the correctness of our position.

  6. Not a fair contrast. Baxter said he was letting the most intelligent callers make their point in his humorous video. He was not sharing "the hate" - in fact, his issue is with the unethical practices of an organization that espouses God and Country. Not a very Christian act to post a phone number and encourage harassment. That's the real issue. But I assume that doesn't spin well for you.

  7. You really think he was actually getting the most intelligent callers and that he wasn't being sarcastic? Good luck with that.

    Not very Christian to post a phone number and encourage harassment? What do you think he was doing in the first place. He was the original nastygram.


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