Michigan School offers Blacks Only field trip

They claim that it was to encourage ethusiasm for learning, but still sounds very odd to me.  Separating by race at a school sponsored function seems very dangerous to me, especially when the only criteria to go is race. 

Remember the ridiculous white's only proms?  OK, they were not officially school sponsored, but it still seemed very creepy.

As does the latest schol trip offered only to black students, via Detroit News:

A school trip for African-Americans pupils only at an Ann Arbor elementary school last week was meant to inspire them to greater achievement, but instead ignited protest from other children and their parents.

Children who went were booed by classmates when they got back to school, said Ann Arbor School Superintendent Todd Roberts.

"Obviously, when things cause confusion or upset you need to look at that and see if there are things that could have been done differently."

Michiganians voted 58 percent to 42 percent in favor of Proposal 2, the 2006 Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, a constitutional amendment that bans discriminatory or preferential treatment of students on the basis of race, sex and other characteristics.

The ban applies to publicly funded universities, colleges and school districts.Roberts said the Lunch Bunch club is run by teacher volunteers, and the money for the trip was donated. No public money was used to fund the trip, he said.


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