Oil Disaster in the Gulf...Not the Federal Government's problem?

A thought came to me today after hearing President Obama’s comments on the BP oil rig disaster in the Gulf. The President is selective about the crises he chooses to respond to. This environmental disaster should have been Obama’s moment to shine. He could have come out of this crisis the liberal equivalent of Superman who swoops in just before disaster strikes and saved the day but, for some reason, he didn’t. Why has President Obama waited so long to act? It has taken the President close to two weeks to order any response to the oil spill and when he did, he sent in a S.W.A.T. team. This president, who believes in big government, has now left this task of cleaning up the Gulf, a task that clearly falls within the purview and responsibility of the government, to private industry. Mr. President, charge BP for the clean up, but why let such hatred of private industry stand in the way of protecting the Gulf Coast from a major disaster?

Now, I’m sure some of you reading this will be anxious to jump back in time to Bush’s response to the Katrina disaster. But you have to remember that responsibility to respond to Katrina fell to the State and local governments first and then to Washington. It was the State of Louisiana and the city government of New Orleans that failed to act. This was evidenced, in part, by the fact that school buses were never mobilized and offers to train people out of the area were never accepted nor acted upon. Constitutionally, this current disaster off the coast of the United States falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal government and the government has not only failed but willfully neglected its responsibility for the sake of crucifying Big Oil.

Obama seems to pick and choose how he will respond to threats, economic meltdowns and environmental disasters according to his own political philosophy and agenda. He makes decisions to act based on the effect those decisions will have on political and ideological enemies. Unfortunately, his enemies appear to be private industry and the United States of America. I hate to say it, I really do, but President Obama is the Anti-president. Never in my lifetime, nor in my studies of Presidents past, have I ever seen a president act so…well…unpresidential.

Let’s take a look at the Obama administration friends and enemies list. Since Obama has been president, he has bowed to Saudis, Chinese, Japanese and the Mayor of Tampa Bay. He sided against the police in Cambridge, Massachusetts calling their actions “stupid” when they responded to a possible home invasion call and were confronted by a belligerent Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Obama scraps the missile shield protecting out allies in Eastern Europe. He weakens America’s strongest alliances by snubbing the leaders of England and Israel. He gladly accepted a book from communist leader Hugo Chavez. His healthcare legislature is praised by America’s enemy of the last 50 years, Fidel Castro. He continues to offer his hands to questionable allies like Russia who might as well be caught placing a kick me sign on Obama when he turns around the way they continue to support countries with regimens that are anti-American (i.e. Iran and Venezuela). He condemned the Honduran government when it acted to remove a leader who attempted to change the constitution to eliminate term limits and to introduce Chavez-esque socialism. He has taken on his fellow countrymen who think differently than him. Obama’s media cronies have decried those who speak out against President as “seditious.” Didn’t a US President lose an election trying to deny American’s an opinion with that word seditious way back when? The Obama gang has called those who speak out on radio and at Tea Parties as Nazis, racists, xenophobes, red-necks, a loud minority, and from the same stock as the Oklahoma bomber and the KKK.

But let’s not forget the point of this blog entry. When it suits him, Obama believes the government is
the answer to all the countries woes. Government should help you lose weight. Government should help you have less money in case you have too much. Government should make cars. Government should control the student loan industry. Government should provide healthcare. Government should regulate Wall Street (by the way, has any government regulation of Wall Street ever ended corruption?). Government should dictate how much someone can make. Government should stop people from spending money in places like Vegas and Sedona on company outings.

Yet when it comes to the containment of what might be the worst oil spill ever, President Obama has dragged his feet and left it up to the private sector to deal with. Rush Limbaugh has done a wonderful job tracking the Presidents movements and inaction during this crisis. Could Rush be correct? Could it be that Obama’s inaction has to do with an attempt to tear down a company by letting it not only be responsible for a great disaster, but then point the finger at them? Could he have helped but didn’t?

President Bush was raked across the Cajun coals for not responding to Katrina fast enough. People said he failed to act because New Orleans has a high black population. Can’t we say that now of Obama? If this slick hits the Louisiana coast…is Obama then a racist?

Obama’s actions are not only partisan; they have proven to be dangerous to the security of the United States. Not any sooner than I am writing this than the Obama administration refuses to call what happen in New York City’s Time Square a possible terrorist act. In the words of the May Day protestors…Que venga 2012!!!


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