Sestakgate? Impeachable Offense?

This is one we need to keep tabs on. Did the White House make an illegal offer to a Senate candidate so that he would drop out of the race? The facts on whether Democrat Congressman Joe Sestak was offered a position in the government in exchange for not running against Sen. Arlen Specter are still to be fleshed out. If a connection is made, at least one Obama pundit, Dick Morris, is calling it an impeachable offense.

One would like to think that the United States government is free from scandal but we know this not to be the case. In the last year and a half, many have had a particularly suspicious eye on the new President and his apparent disregard for the laws of the land and his desire to bypass established checks on the executive branch. Obama's team seems to find the Constitution antiquated and obsolete. The Press has become a nuisance to getting his message out, so the White House appears to be creating its own "ministry of information" to get the "good word" out. Republicans don't cooperate with him the way that they should and, quite frankly, neither do Democrats. He has mentioned his distaste for the "process." To Obama, the means seem to justify the ends for him and his administration no matter what law is broke.

Many would argue that Obama and the current Congress have stepped over many constitutional lines. It would seem inevitable that a president with so little regard for the rule of law would eventually end up in hot water. So, let's keep a tab on this story, cause it may be seeing June 17, 1972 all over again.

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