Current Las Vegas Odds: Spain most likely to win

At this time, Spain is a +400 favorite to capture the cup. Other top contenders are Brazil (+425), England (+550) and Argentina (+850). Defending champion Italy is also in the hunt at odds of +1000.

The 32 teams in the World Cup are broken down into groups of four. Here's a look at the eight groups:

Group A
France is a -105 favorite to advance in a field that also includes Mexico (+350), Uruguay (+375) and host country South Africa (+600). France is at +1800 to win the cup.

Group B
In this group, Argentina is a -200 favorite. Nigeria (+400), Greece (+550) and South Korea (+1000) are also in Group B. Argentina's last championship was in 1986.

Group C
England (-300) is the heavy favorite in group C over the United States (+450), Slovenia (+800) and Algeria (+2000).

Group D
In this group, Germany is expected to advance as a -140 favorite. The other countries in group D are Ghana (+300), Serbia (+350) and Australia (+750). Germany is tied with Brazil for the most appearances in a World Cup championship match with seven.

Group E
In a group of countries that have never finished in the top four of a World Cup, Holland (-150) is favored to reach the final eight of this year's cup. Cameroon (+350), Denmark (+400) and Japan (+1000) round out the field in group E.

Group F
Italy is expected to cruise into the next round as a -300 favorite over Paraguay (+350), Slovakia (+700) and New Zealand (+5000). 

Group G
In what was viewed as the most difficult of the eight groups, Brazil is a -175 favorite to advance over Portugal (+350), the Ivory Coast (+350) and North Korea (+5000). Portugal and the Ivory Coast are among the top ten overall favorites to capture the cup.

Group H
Spain is a -350 favorite in this group over Chile (+400), Switzerland (+800) and Honduras (+2000).


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