Leftist G20 protests get violent

I drove around and attempted to at list witness some of the protests in Toronto.  I saw the marijuana legalization protest.  At least they were peaceful.  I tried to go to Chinatown and Dundas was closed down and hte protesters, some dressed in black with masks were out screaming slogans about down with big brother, stop global warming.  Man, if they think big brother is bad now, wait until he becomes regulator in chief for the EcoNazis. 

At that point, my wife starting screaming, "Capitalism Rules", and repeated it over and over.  Everyone just looked at here like she was from another planet.  I had to play the tough guy and say, "yea".

The EcoStatist and Vandalists were out in full force. Don't you want to punch some of these guys in the chops.

See the fire in the background. This has the feel of a mix of Seattle and France. Seattle for the smashed windows, France for the burning cars.


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