Oliver Stone: The Bolivarian Useful Idiot

Oliver Stone's new movie South of the Border, is a propaganda piece for dictator thugs.

The best counter to this movie is to point to the example of countries that may not always agree with the United States but are not subordinating their own constitutions to their own cult of personality.

Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico and even Brazil are examples of countries that have, by and large, chosen a to walk a constitutional course.  Uribe especially is a great example of a leader who is loved by his people who is willing to step down without manipulating the judiciary the way that Correa, Morales and Chavez have.

Let's go through all the concerns about democracy and freedom from Oliver's bunch
2004:  Hugo Chavez cheated in the 2004 recall referendum
2007:  Rafael Correa tries to change the constitution.  Congress denies his request, so Correa's thugs surround Congress beating up opposition lawmakers who try to enter.  The lack of an opposition allowed Correa to suspend Congress and apply disputed changes by fiat.
2007: Morales forced passage of constitution.  It was drafted inside a military base in the vicinity of Sucre, with the support of all pro-government assembly members - opposition representatives were not admitted.  Was passed with a third of the constituent delegates (all opposition) forcibly absent.
2007:  Direct Nonstop flights from Caracas to Tehran.
2008:  Cristina Kirchner steals private pension money with the stroke of a pen
2009:  Bolivian Hospital with Iranian funding forces employees to wear hijab (headscarf).
2010:  Oliver Stone makes love fest propaganda film featuring the good points of all these usurpers.

See Video below:


  1. It's a real shame that there are still people out there who believe in Chavez. Oh my God! This is just incredible. What else does this guy needs to do to show how careless he is about his own country? Does any outsider have any idea what is like to live in Venezuela ever since chavez is in power? I bet there isn't. Here is a little overview. Corruption like never before(he, his family and his elite), skyrocketing crime, horrible services, very poor infraestructure, horribly weak education system, scary health care, more than 80% of extreme poverty, incredible unemployment, no freedom of speech, no private property(expropiations), neglection, etc, etc, etc...

  2. Yea, it is a real shame. Now it is quite apparent that Chavez will not leave without violence. Too bad Venezuela is cursed for a generation.


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