How to end American Exceptionalism: Pay government workers more

The structural restructuring of the way that Americans think about their government.  In France, the young people actually dream about working for the government.  The US is different in this aspect in that most people currently would prefer to work for the private sector. The Economist magazine reported a poll where three-quarters of French university students would like to work for the government sector.  Could the US be headed down the same road?  If the US government pays the government workers twice as much as their private sector counterparts, it actually will reduce America's unique place in the world, via IBD:
Unlike those fearful, harder-working, backbiting and profit-minded employees in the private sector, government workers also contribute very little to the nation's total output.

What's needed today is not a government that competes for our best and brightest college grads, but one that gets out of the way and lets a robust private sector create productive, high-paying jobs that improve America's standard of living.

Sadly, however, it appears that public-sector employment has become not only more attractive, but vastly more attractive.

That was driven home in a USA Today article earlier this week. It reported that, after getting better pay hikes and benefits nine years in a row, the average compensation of federal civil servants is now twice that of private-sector employees — $123,049 vs. $61,051.


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