An Island of garbage in the ocean the size of TEXAS? It's total crap.

I peruse a cornucopia of website for diversion and VBS.TV is one of the best. Today I stumbled onto an old doc called "Toxic: Garbage Island". Now this aroused my curiosity because we've all heard about the floating island of refuse and rubbish. I assumed it existed, but always wanted to see it. Texas is a big state. I wondered is it thick enough that I could stand on it? Are there neat things like commodore 64's?, Mini-Fridges? 8 track players?

So be aware this is a spoiler alert. The malcontent and self-gratified liberals attempts to find the so-called "Island of Garbage" were an exercise in futility and fecklessness. There is no island of garbage!! There is no roaming confluence of debris and scrap? I'm not being disingenuous here, I really believed it existed, and not in a "Big Foot" kind of way.

The beauty of it all is that it's actually sold has an environmental documentary. Of course, you can't just end a documentary when you don't find anything by saying "we were wrong". Instead, they distilled thousands of gallons of ocean water into a small mason jar of debris. Hilariously, then they declared that this is worse than the idea of the mythical garbage island! What?

No! It's not worse that an "Island of Garbage" filled with golf bags, calculator watches and records of Herbie Mann! If you had "Island of Garbage" the size of Texas you'd expect there would be more than a small mason jar full of crud floating in the water. But, I mean you've gotta find an ending right? You can't let the message get in the way of a missing "Island of Garbage."

It was all so disappointing and funny (I was hoping they'd find a "Speak & Spell")

Greatest environmental documentary ever! I can't believe the irony. Three warning's the narrator is a complete nebbish that verges on absolutely insufferable, it's an hour long and there is no "Garbage Island". It's like going to see Titanic and the boat doesn't sink.


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