France's Roma in Pictures

No this is not from South America, or some third world countries.  These are squatter settlements.  These squatter settlements typically lack running water, their kids are not enrolled in school and have a host of other problems. 

We call them Gypsies in typical American English, Gitanos in Spanish or Roma elsewhere. 

When Europe tries to go holier than thou about US immigration policies, we go to think, things are not so benevolent over their either. 

From around the web.  From across Europe

Size of wheel symbol represents total population by country (Romania 1.85 million). Shade of each country's background colour represents percentage of Romani with respect to total population (Romania 8.5%).
Roma families Lyon
Gypsy Girl Toulouse
Gypsy Vehicle/House

Roma squatters Southern France

Roma Squatters Camp outside Paris
Gypsies in Northern Italy
Gitanos in Spain


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