Peru, Colombia and Chile to integrate their Stock Markets to create a common stock market with over 500 stocks

Great happenings coming from free market South America.  They are going to create a common market that would have a market cap of over $560 BB.  It will quickly vault to become the largest issuer in Latin America.  It will be less than half of the Brazilian market cap, but still, will be a very large developing market. 

Just to give you some perspactive the market will have 563 stocks.  The NYSE has over 2,200 and Nasdaq over 3,000, via Bloomberg:
Colombia, Chile and Peru will integrate their exchanges at the end of November, Colombia stock exchange President Juan Pablo Cordoba said Oct. 5. The integrated market will be Latin America’s top issuer with a total 563 stocks, and second in market capitalization with $564 billion, behind Brazil with $1.28 trillion.

Right now investors are Giddy with growth coming from Brazil, but the Andean Community could be a strong competitor.  The problem with that body is that you have three high growth countries (Chile, Peru and Colombia), mixed with three Socialists (Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela). 

But the three that have banded together are the most pro-growth countries in all Latin America.  Chile is a perrenial investors favorite, Colombia has had a succession of two pro-free-market presidents and Peru has had GDP growth over 5% per year since 2004. The exchange at least should give the Bovespa a run for it's money. 


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