Commodities spike could preceed food price increases

Commodities are on a winning streak as of recently with all except oil up significantly.  In fact, Gold and Oil, for all they get talked about in the media, they happen to be the commodities that have run up the least. 

The biggest runup has been in Sugar #11, which is the name for the tradeable sugar before it gets processed into the white powder that you buy in that awkward paper box. 

There are supply issues with Brazil and India that have led to its runup up about 140% in the last six months. 

Cotton and Coffee are also performing quite well over the same time frame. 

Basic food inputs are rising.  It shouldn't be long before we see price increases in the supermarket.  Remember, you hear it hear first. 

All Prices based upon ETFs  source Google Finance

Disclosure:  I own GLD


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