Merkel plays the Euroskeptic... yes Germany's President expresses skepticism on the prospects of their currency

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the euro is in an “exceptionally serious” situation after Ireland became the second European country to need a rescue after Greece. This is not very surprising given that there is a large amount of built up anger in Germany over the whole bailout issue.  CNBC reports that she also said, "the best European was not always the one who helped first."  This is revealing considering that Germany was the one to come to the aid of Greece and now Ireland. 

Maybe this is what we call "buyers remorse".

Via Bloomberg
“I don’t want to paint a dramatic picture, but I just want to say that a year ago we couldn’t imagine the debate we had in the spring and the measures we had to take” over Greece, Merkel said in a speech to Germany’s BDA employers’ group in Berlin today. “We are facing an exceptionally serious situation as far as the euro’s situation is concerned.”

While Ireland gives “cause for great concern,” the problem is different from Greece because Irish banks are the main issue.


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