Challenger and ADP reports highlight that postive unemployment momentum has stalled

There are two minor employment reports that usually don't get a lot of press.  However, combined they both tell a similar story.  The era of increasing unemployment is over.  However, just because we are not getting worse doesn't mean we are getting better.  For some time we had positive momentum in the numbers, however that momentum has gone away and given away to stagnation. 

Challenger's count of layoff announcements totals 48,711 in November, marginally up from October's 37,986. Announcements were up in the government/non-profit sector as well as consumer products and pharmaceuticals. Retail and computers show a dip.

Source Bloomberg

ADP estimates November private payrolls rose by 93,000 vs a rise of 82,000 in October (revised from plus 43,000).   The direction is marginally positive, and definitely not enough to affect the bogus 9.6% unemployment number.

Source Bloomberg


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