Laurent Gbagbo, the ex-president of Ivory Coast who lost the last election, refuses to step down and even refused a phone call from Obama as country on "brink of Genocide"

Laurent Gbagbo, who is widely viewed as having lost a recent election, is refusing to leave office despite attempts to persuade him from West African leaders and others in the broader international community. It get's even worse.  He is refusing to receive a phone call from President Obama. 

While we are not huge fans of Obama here, we are big fans of peace, and unfortunately, it seems the loser of the election is digging in, leaving violence as a very possible outcome of attempts at President Elect Ouattara.  Via Telegraph:
Lanny J Davis, a lawyer who used to work for Bill Clinton, has resigned from his job advising Mr Gbagbo, claiming that the president had stopped taking his calls, and refused one from the US president.

Mr Davis said he had repeatedly tried to set up a phone conversation between Mr Gbagbo and Mr Obama which would have given the Ivorian "options for a peaceful resolution, that would avoid further bloodshed and be in the best interests of his country".

"Unfortunately, the decision was made in Abidjan not to allow President Obama's call to be put through to Mr Gbagbo, despite my repeated objections to that decision," he wrote in his resignation letter, which was seen by CNN.

UN diplomat says Ivory Coast on brink of Genocide


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