Canada upps US Treasury purchases to the highest level since before the financial crisis

Following up on who is buying US debt.  Canada annouces that they are upping their witholding of US Treasuries to a level not seen since the financial crisis began. 

As Europe crumbles, the US benefits for being a safe haven, albeit temprary.  Via StatCan:
Canadian investors added $7.5 billion of foreign bonds to their holdings in November, with three quarters of it US government bonds. This was the largest such investment in foreign bonds since March 2007, just before the onset of the recent financial crisis. Purchases of US government bonds were an unprecedented $5.7 billion in November, following significant divestments in the last two years. Investment in November focused on the seven-year benchmark bond and was widespread across Canadian institutional investors. These same investors also acquired US corporate bonds, due to new issue activity in the maple bond market as well as non-US foreign bonds, mainly bonds indexed to inflation.


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