Foreign purchases of treasuries up in latest auction led by UK and Japan; China and Russia are net sellers

Who is buying our bonds now?  Foreign treasury holdings over the last year have increased by 18%, or 678 BB in purchases over the last 12 months starting in November.  Via UST:

Net foreign purchases of long-term U.S. securities were $93.9 billion. Of this, net purchases by private foreign investors were $81.9 billion, and net purchases by foreign official institutions were $12.0 billion.

U.S. residents purchased a net $8.8 billion of long-term foreign securities.  Via UST:

Treasury holdings by nations show a slight dip in China to $895.6 billion and a slight rise in Japan to $877.2 billion. Holdings by U.K. accounts, which are the third largest holders of U.S. Treasuries, rose a sizable $33.3 billion to $511.8 billion.
For all the talk of China bailing us out by buying our treasuries, they have been a net seller over the last year.  China and Russia alone have sold 60 BB of their Treasuries portfolio in one year.  That doesn't happen by chance, it is a conscious decision to reduce the size of their treasury holdings. 
The governments that have been bailing us out have been Japan, Canada, and especially the UK.  We also have other countries that have contributed but aren't listed, with the largest net buyers in the last 12 months going to Thailand, Singapore, Egypt, Germany and Norway. 
We should thank them because, we really need that money.  It is essential for the ponzi scheme to be propagated  as we are keen to keep running a very large government deficit and a very unsettling trade trade deficit.  
Thanks guys.  We couldn't have done it without you. 
Source Treasury


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