Ivory Coast violence escalates as mobs loyal to the loser, Gbagbo, burn UN cars

It's getting dangerous to be a democrat in Ivory Coast as the loser of the election is instigating violence and has kept his opponent, President Elect Alassane Ouattara, locked in a hotel room, which acts like a de-facto jail cell.  Now, mobs loyal to the loser Laurent Gbagbo, who refuses to give up power election, burned and stoned five United Nations vehicles on Thursday, including an ambulance, a United Nations spokesman said.

It's getting eerily close to civil war or political genocide.  Via NYT
The attacks appeared to represent an escalation of Mr. Gbagbo’s campaign against the presence of nearly 10,000 United Nations troops here, assigned among other duties to protect the government of the man who defeated the incumbent in last November’s presidential election, Alassane Ouattara.

Mr. Gbagbo has demanded that the United Nations troops leave the country, the patrols have been fired on by men in uniform, and the state television station nightly broadcasts vitriolic attacks, asserting that the foreign troops are in league with rebel forces that control the northern half of the country.

The latest attacks occurred at improvised checkpoints manned by local youths who support Mr. Gbagbo, but the United Nations spokesman here said that some in the mob included men wearing the uniforms of government security forces. Two of the vehicles were burned, and three others were damaged, said the spokesman, Kenneth Blackman. The crowd stoned the ambulance, injuring the head of the patient inside, he said.

Late Tuesday, a United Nations patrol was shot at in the Abobo neighborhood of Abidjan from both sides of the road — “ambushed,” Mr. Blackman said — during a Gbagbo security forces assault on the pro-Ouattara neighborhood. Some police officers were also killed in the assault.

“The attack on the ambulance is a bit shocking,” Mr. Blackman said. “Even where there is a war, no one targets ambulances. It goes against the principles of basic decency.”


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