M2 hits an all time high increasing 2.5% or 219 BB

Money Supply hits an all time high. 

A breakdown of the M2 from the Federal Reserve shows that the money supply increased 2.5% in the January 10th week.  That is a 219 BB increase in just one week.  To be sure, M2 fluctuates every week and figures are often adjusted one week to the next, but still, the trend is onward and upward. 

Just goes to show that M2 inflation is alive and well even though those numbers don't always make it into the CPI numbers.  Quantitative Easing has increased out money supply 4% in the last year.  Since 2000, it is up over 80%. 

The only way that it has not caused major inflation until now is because all that money has been vacuumed up by other countries to boost their reserves.  That is great news to Americans because as other people use the currency, we hide the inflationary impacts of our monetary policy.  However, it will be a disaster when the US dollar loses its status and countries start buying other currencies or worse, shed their USD reserves.  

Source Federal Reserve


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