Moody's upgrades Indonesia and sites low debt, high growth prospects and macroeconomic stability

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We have said here on multiple occaisions that the emerging markets have all the growth prospects, with very little unfunded liabilities.

The US has 104 TT in unfunded liabilities from Mediscare, Medicaid and Social Insecurity.  These other countries have very little such liabilities. 

That leads to an interesting proposition for an investor. Consequently, Moody's has upgraded them.  Other things that Indonesia has going for it is about 230 MM relatively younger people, and lower GDP per capita (which for growth prospects are good).  If their young and hungry population is unleashed, they should be able to provide serious growth and lift the country's standard of living.  Via Moody's:
The main reasons for the decision are:

(1) Indonesia's economic resilience is accompanied by sustained macroeconomic balance;

(2) The government's debt position and the central bank's foreign currency reserve adequacy are improving; and

(3) The prospects for foreign direct investment inflows are also improving, and this is expected to fortify Indonesia's external position and economic outlook.


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