Protests continue this weekend in Yemen, Tunisia and Algeria

Riots and chaos engulf the Arab world as years of autocratic leaders are challenged.  These started as protests against rising food prices and are flowering into protests in favor of economic and political freedom. 

For better or for worse, anti-government protests always start with students.  These folks across the Middle East have something real to protest.  Wheras in the UK, students protest to stop university fees from increasing, across the Middle East, they protest in favor of democracy and human rights.  Full Slideshow via GM:

Policemen detain a protester (C) during a demonstration in downtown Algiers January 22

Protesters paste a poster of Said Saadi, opposition leader on the shield of police during demonstration in downtown Algiers Jan 22

Police stand between government and opposition supporters during a rally outside Sanaa University Yemen Jan 22

A woman raises her fist during a demonstration in central Tunis Jan 22


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