South Sudan finishes up voting in what will almost surely split the nation in two

South Sudan is going to separate from the North, at least legally, assuming that the North will respect the terms of the secession vote.  Via MH:

A week of polling ended and vote-counting began Saturday in a landmark referendum expected to result in the breakup of Africa's largest country into two separate nations.

After 50 years of war and a six-year peace deal, southern Sudanese turned out in high-spirited droves beginning Jan. 9 in a secession vote promised under a 2005 U.S.-brokered peace deal to end the long conflict between Sudan's undeveloped African south and its Arab government in the north.

Independence fervor was on display in the south during the weeks leading up to the vote, and jubilant voters often waited hours in long lines under the scorching sun to cast their ballots. Complete results will not be released for at least another two weeks, but the outcome is expected to be crushingly in favor of forming a new nation.

FP: Juba the new capital of Southern Sudan

It has about 8 MM people.  The populations is predominantly Christian or Animist, which differs them from the lighter skin Muslims that live in Northern Sudan. 

As you can see in some of these pictures, Southern Sudan starts at the bottom as one of the poorest countries in the world.  Juba is the Capital.  There are literally no paved roads in the country. 

Cattle going down a main road of Juba
Juba Business District
Downtown Juba


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