Time to get a new map: South Sudan votes and overwhelmingly chooses independence

Time to get a new map. While Egypt and the rest of the Arab world has been rocked with riots against unelected leaders, Sudan has officially split in two in a relatively peaceful vote.

The new country is called Southern Sudan. The capital is Juba. Via AJ:

Close to 99 per cent of those who cast their ballots in south Sudan's referendum voted in favour of secession from the north, a referendum official has said.

"The vote for separation was 99.57 per cent," Chan Reek Madut, the deputy head of the commission organising the vote, told cheering crowds on Sunday in the first official announcement of preliminary results.

The figure did not include voters in north Sudan and other countries, a small proportion of the electorate. Final results from the January 9-15 referendum are expected early next month.
More Details
President: Salva Kiir Mayardit
Fast Facts

Area: Total 619,745 km sq ; 239,285 sq mi
Population: estimate 7,500,000–9,700,000
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