Where are Gold and Oil heading for 2011? Analysts consensus at $95 for Oil and $1431 for Gold

Source CNN

Via CNN:

Experts are a bit more bullish about oil than gold, with more than a third of the 32 survey respondents predicting $100-a-barrel crude prices by the end of 2011. Nearly half of those surveyed think gold will rise at least 7% to $1,500 an ounce by year end. \

Much of the gains will be driven by demand from emerging markets like China and India, where rapidly growing economies are spurring on demand for certain commodities, said Sean Kraus, chief investment officer at CitizensTrust. He's calling for $102-per-barrel oil and $1,550-per-ounce gold this year.

"As emerging markets continue to grow and build more roads, highways and other infrastructure, the demand for oil and refined products will rise," Kraus said. "A middle-class is also forming in India and China, and as those individuals get wealthier, they will want some exposure to gold, not only for its investment value but because it is historically a significant part of their culture."


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