Algeria protests losing steam as police come with huge numbers and government shut down trains

Algerian protests seem to be losing their strength.  Probably because of the large presence of military and police willing to use force.  In Egypt, their military, on many occaisions sided with the opposition, even inviting them onto their tanks.  In other countries, brute force has held the day.  Via GV:

Several people were injured as police and pro-government gangs in Algeria confronted protesters while trying to break up a demonstration organized by human rights organizations and other civil society groups in Algiers on Saturday, February 19.

There are conflicting reports on the number of protesters who came to May 1 Square for Saturday's demonstration. Al Jazeera English reported that hundreds of protesters turned out while a human rights groups placed the number at 5,000. Police used sheer numbers and occasionally clubs in an attempt to keep downtown Algiers open to traffic. The relatively low numbers of protesters — at least compared to last week's demonstration that brought an estimated 10,000 protesters and 26,000 riot police — were blamed on the fact the government has banned large demonstrations. The country's train service was almost completely shut down.


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