Bahrain protestors retake independence square

After one group of protestors got shot by the military on the way to retake independence square, other groups marched right in and took over the square with little resistance from police as they turned and fled the mostly unarmed protestors. 

Via Reuters:
Crowds had approached Pearl Square in Manama from different directions, creating a standoff with riot police who had moved in earlier to replace troops withdrawn on royal orders.

Suddenly police raced to their buses, which drove away mounting kerbs in their haste to escape.

Emboldened protesters, cheering and waving national flags, ran to the center of the traffic circle, retaking it even before all police had left. The crowd waved fleeing policemen through.

"We don't fear death any more, let the army come and kill us to show the world what kind of savages they are," said Umm Mohammed, a teacher wearing a black abaya cloak.


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