Explosion at Egyptian natural gas terminal was work of terrorists, not gas leak as originally reported

In an Asnar moment, Egypt's natural gas company blamed a gas explosion at a key terminal servicing Israel on a gas leak.  Given what was going on and the implications for Israel, their explanation smelt fishy.  It turns out our natural skepticism was vindicated as now it seems as it was the work of terrorists.  We still don't know who these guys are.  They could be from Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaeda or... some other group.  Via JP:
Judge issues report with testimony from guards saying men stormed the terminal, restrained guards and detonated explosives via remote control.

The chief investigator into the gas terminal explosion in Egypt's northern Sinai Peninsula said it was caused by four masked gunmen who set off a bomb.

Egyptian Judge Abdel Nasser el-Tayeb said in a report Monday that the terminal's guards testified that the men stormed the terminal in two cars, briefly restrained the guards and then set off the explosives by remote control.

Egypt's natural gas company had blamed the Saturday blast on a gas leak.

The terminal is part of a pipeline system that transports gas from Egypt’s Port Said, on the Mediterranean Sea, to Israel, Syria and Jordan. The Sinai Peninsula, home to Beduin tribesmen, has been the scene of clashes between residents and security forces.


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