In the worst timed public announcement ever, US to begin training Yemeni military

This just gives the protestors another reason to loathe their current government.  Now the conspiracy theorists in Yemen will see attacking the current leadership as a way of getting the US military out of Yemen.  It also can allow them to accuse the US of training a military which will likely be heavily involved in throwing Yemeni opposition leaders into the ocean with cement shoes.  Via AP:
the U.S. military will begin a new training program with Yemen's counterterrorism unit so it can move against militants believed to be plotting attacks on America from safe havens there.

The effort will mark the first time the U.S. has trained the counterterrorism unit, which has traditionally focused on protecting Yemen's capital, according to a senior defense official. Under the plan, the training would begin in the next few months, and the Yemenis could more than double the size of their counterterror force, which now numbers about 300.


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