Iran catches the Egyptian fever as fires and chaos accompany protest in Tehran

We all knew that Iran was not far behind.  That is why, I don't fear the Arab world protests as much as some American conservatives.  I know that we might get a leader that we don't particularly like should democracy flower in the Middle East.  Nevertheless, we support a country's right to self determination. 

And, we especially rejoice when protest fever catches a truly monstrous tyrannical regime like the current nuclear-eyed mullahs voicing tacit support for Egypt while their asses sweat with anxiety fearing the revolution might spark on their home turf.  They already had similar protests before and now, with the average age of Iran so young, their old leaders are ripe to be picked off. 

However, we also know that the only reason protests caused the coup-de-etat in Egypt was because the military was restrained and in many cases actually took part in the protests.  That is not the case in Iran, and have compassion for the Iranian protestors.  We know that their plight will not be anything like the kiddie gloves that the Egyptian rulers used. 


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