Why is Iran pushing for change in Egypt? They see an ally on Israel's Eastern Flank

Iran thinks somehow that the unrest in Egypt will bring an ally on Israel's rn flank.  They actually said that Egypt's protest was similar to the 1979 Islamic revolution.  We would say, it does remind us of a protest in Iran, but that would be the 2009 political protests against the election of Ahmedinejad. 
Tehran is tauting the US for failing to take sides.  The Iranian population is roughly one fourth of the United states at 72 MM, which is almost the population of Germany.  I would say only that we either support Mubarak or we do not.  Right now, we don't know what we support.  But a successor to Mubarak could be very concerning.  Consider the following:
  • Iran says Egypt unrest echoes its 1979 Islamic revolution
  • Iran opposition says it inspired Egyptian protests
  • Analysts say Mubarak's fall would benefit Iran
via Reuters:
Iran, the only country in the region with no diplomatic ties with Egypt, hopes that fall of the Egyptian government will lead to an Islamist takeover and boost its political power in the region, analysts say.
"A shift of power in Egypt from a U.S.-linked government to an Islamist regime will strengthen Iran," said political analyst Ahmad Ziaie. "The balance will switch in favour of Iran."

Mehmanparast said the emergence of "popular" governments would usher in an era of greatly improved relations with Iran.

However, the Iranians are overwhelmingly Persian Shi'ite Muslims, seen as historical adversaries by Sunni Arabs.


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