Yemen political clashes continue as protestors try to force an Egyptian coup-de-etat against a gov't much more willing to use military force

Anti-government protesters are demanding Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh 's resignation effective immediately.  They continued their violent clashes with his supporters and police on Monday encouraged by the wave of fallen governments from Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan.

In spite of all the inflation and money supply numbers we like to quote, the man on the street knows that this is where real history is being made, on the streets of the Arab world.  For better or for worse, these protests will shape our government policy for the next generation.  Look for wars or international conflict to come about as governments go one way or the other.  Via RTT
Around 3,000 protesters marched from Sanaa University towards Al-Tahrir square in the capital chanting slogans of "After Mubarak, Ali," referring to the ouster of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, who was forced to flee last week at the height of popular uprising against his decades-long rule.

Anti-government protesters were confronted by pro-government demonstrators carrying pictures of Saleh, leading to pelting of stones at each other.

CNN quoted eyewitnesses as saying that both sides were armed with daggers, knives, and sticks.


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