Fed's Fisher: If we continue down this fiscal path, we will become insolvent; The question is when

Dallas Fed Chief Richard Fisher, who is one of the leading inflation hawks, once put the US unfunded liabilities at $104 TT. The unfunded liabilities include Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Today he has put out the case for no more QE.  Now that Hoenig is gone, he seems like the only sane voice at the Fed.  Via Reuters:

The U.S. debt situation is at a "tipping point," Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Richard Fisher said on Tuesday, and urged the U.S. central bank to refrain from any further stimulus measures.

"If we continue down on the path on which the fiscal authorities put us, we will become insolvent. The question is when," Fisher said in a speech at the University of Frankfurt.
We have mentioned on multiple occasions that the US will be insolvent if they put their current expenditures on autopilot and increase only at the rate of inflation. 
"The short-term negotiations are very important. I look at this as a tipping point."

He said the U.S. economy was now growing under its own steam, but voiced his concerns about building global inflation pressures and said it was now time for the central bank to stop pumping out extra support.

"The Fed has done enough, if not too much, and we should do no more. In my opinion no further accommodation is necessary after June either by tapering off the bottom of treasuries or by adding another tranche of purchases outright."
The real problem is who buys US debt when the Fed stops? 


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