Indonesian inflation rate at 6.84% YOY

Indonesia inflation comes in at 6.84%.  A rate of almost 7% in the US would kills investment, but the higher yield on Indonesian bonds is too tempting for carry traders who borrow in the US and invest in Indonesia.  Via Indostat:
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) in February 2011 was 126.46 or inflated 0.13 percent from January 2011 at 126.29. In February 2011, the changes of each expenditure group as follows: the foodstuff decreased from 150.64 to 150.14 or deflated 0.33 percent; the prepared food, beverages, cigarette and tobacco increased from 133.24 to 133.86 or inflated 0.47 percent; the housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel increased from 120.37 to 120.85 or inflated 0.40 percent; the clothing decreased from 126.95 to 126.85 or deflated 0.08 percent; the health increased from 116.41 to 117.21 or inflated 0.69 percent; the education, recreation and sport increased from 118.36 to 118.51 or inflated 0.13 percent, and the transportation, communication and financial services increased from 106.43 to 106.59 or inflated 0.15 percent.


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