The Other Protests: Denver union protestors get lectured by lone libertarian

HT LibertarianRepulican

The lone libertarian combatted the unions saying that "Their right to assembly and organize, cannot force government to negotiate special priveleges."

Would that there were more men like this around the country. 

Update:  In the original post, I mistakenly said that this took place in Madison, which was incorrect.  Apoligies both to Denver and Madison. 


  1. I'm a libertarian in Madison.

    I'm shocked more people like me are not SUPPORTING the protesters.

    The things happening in Madison are big government moves by the governor.

    Scott Walker campaigned on small government, but...
    1. Skirting WI law by blocking people from the capitol.
    2. Hinting at using the National Guard.
    3. Considering planting troublemakers in a peaceful protest.
    4. Sending state troopers to "compel" lawmakers to come and vote.
    5. Stripping people of their rights provided by law...

    is BIG GOVERNMENT at its worst and NOT the LIBERTARIAN way. WAKE-UP PEOPLE!

  2. @scopeless

    I can agree about your use of force could be used to justified growing government, but I am looking at your 5 points and #2 and #3 have not even taken place. I have no idea what #5 is referring to.

    Even if all this were true, I would not support the protestors simply because there is nothing in their platform that I would agree to.

    They should have to pay what most people in the working world pay, a much larger percentage of their health care and pensions.

    Collective bargaining is written nowhere into the constitution. Petitioning the government does not include shutting down government.


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