Syria the latest to catch the Arab Flu as two protesters and seven police killed; while Baath Party headquarters burns

While the world focuses on Libya, Bahrain, Yemen or Saudi, Syria's protests have been small but persistent.  They were largely peaceful.  No longer.  Two protesters were killed by security forces and seven Syrian police officers have been killed shortly after.  It is unclear if it was in orchestrated retaliation or spontaneous crossfire.  Via HT:
Seven policemen were killed during clashes between the security forces and protesters in Syria, Xinhua reported.They got killed trying to drive away protesters during demonstration in Darra town in which people demanded for reforms in Syria, Damascus Press news website reported.

The clashes erupted Sunday between the Syrian police and protesters after two young men reportedly killed by the security forces in the town. An eyewitness told Xinhua that the Syrian police had surrounded the town, to prevent people from entering it.

Dozens of protesters attacked the communication centre and the national hospital, denying the use of live bullets against the demonstrators, the website quoted a source as saying.

Al-Jazeera TV reported Sunday that the protesters also burned the headquarters of the Baath Party and the court house in Darra.


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