Raw video: The victims of Syrian crackdown, recorded deaths stand at 750

While the death of Bin Laden has signalled the death of a man who fought the American bogeyman, the rest of the Arab world is preoccupied with real threats. 

A human rights group has put the deaths from the Syrian massacres at 750.  Who knows the number of injured and officially dissappeared.  Via DFP

A human rights group reports that more than 750 people have been killed in Syria during a government crackdown in seven weeks of unrest.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is edging closer to calling for an end to the long rule of the Assad family in Syria.

Obama administration officials said the first step would be to declare for the first time that President Bashar Assad has forfeited his legitimacy to rule.

That would be a shift from U.S. statements that demanded that Assad stop a brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters. Those stopped short of saying he had to go.

Tanks and troops have rolled into southern villages near the heart of Syria's anti-government uprising, and activists said the regime isolated parts of the country.

The military has been sealing off various areas of Syria and conducting house-to-house raids in searches for people whose names are on wanted lists. Many people fled cities and towns for fear of being detained by the Assad regime.


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