An interview with Keiko Fujimori

My take on the Fujimori regime is, the first one was good, the second regime is where Alberto got in trouble.  The third one was just to cover his tracks. 

If there were ever a worse regime, it would come with a mask of Ollanta Humala.  Ollanta, is not just a leftist, he is a violent anti-democratic leftist.  If Peru elects Ollanta, we should expect more division and violence than ever.  We will also have more corruption. 

In a dictatorship, red tape catches everyone who is not connected and doesn't have money. 

The real question for me with Keiko is will she pardon her father?  I think she should.  Ollanta Humala received a pardon for his coup de etat attempt.  Hugo Chavez received amnesty for his murdering during an attempted coup de etat.  Manuel Zelaya of Honduras got a pass.  .  Why not Alberto? 

But now that her daughter will be president, we hope that she at least respects her word until the last day of her Presidency, because if not, there will be hell to pay politically. 


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