Ode to My Country

The night of the election, when my hopes for a Republican win unexpectedly and surprisingly went swirling down the drain, my thoughts focused heavily on those states that voted against Romney in the swing states: Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and, of course, Ohio. How did Romney lose in almost every swing state? How could Obama have won those states save for voter fraud? Why was there little to no evidence of voter fraud? Where were Romney's 30,000 election attorneys and other election watchers? How did Romney lose when the odds were on his side? Close polls, undecideds going to the challenger, Democrat enthusiasm low, Republican enthusiasm high, people suffering, coal miners pissed!! How did he lose in swing states where he was drawing huge crowds and Obama could pay people to come? Why was it not even close in these states? How could people vote for Obama with the state of things? How did they not watch the news and see Obama's failures on the economy and foreign affairs? How could they not see the lawlessness in Washington?

I am disappointed in my fellow Americans. Are there that many Americans that have forgotten or rejected their own heritage? Am I witnessing the decline of the great experiment...the American nation? Have we moved so far from the moral core required to maintain the freedom we have been given? Has the liberal infiltration of schools and the media finally had a lasting effect that will determine elections for years to come? I wonder whether our elections have been influenced by foreign political philosophies. Are the increasing amounts of immigrants who do no understand the true meaning of the "American Way" voting for the same policies that have kept their native countries in ruins for decades?

How could so many people be duped into voting for such ridiculous policies that are clearly against their own interests as a nation. Were their votes really bought for the promise of more social programs, expanding government employment and other programs that rob the wealth of the nation? Did America vote forthe one over the many?  Did he vote for the selfish needs he felt as an individual or as a member of a minority group?  Was he tricked into believing that these policies make us all "equal" and on the same playing field?   Did he fall for communism thinking it was good for the community in the way that capitalism, free markets, republican government and the promotion of individual excellence have proven to be?

Individual excellence form into strong teams that help others rise up and make the community stronger. Did the US reject ideas that promote the creation of wealth and opportunity and bring people out of poverty as opposed to leftist policies that provide enough to maintain the poor at their current levels? Has the left convinced Americans that being "poor" or being in poverty is an inherent and unchangeable state akin to being born into  a particular race. Have they convinced the poor that they will always be poor and will therefore always need the government to help them? Have they convinced the US electorate that the so-called rich stole that money from them thus causing them to be poor? 

I am afraid for my country.  I am afraid that if Americans would not vote out Obama at this time and this state...that there is little chance of conservatives winning in 2016.  I fear it will take much longer for Americans to truly understand the consequences of these choices.  That is why those of us who believe in conservatism must seek out better ways to help others understand the true advantages of conservatism over liberalism.  We must dig deep and seek to understand the why and what-fors of our cause.  We must help our fellow Americans understand that although many ideas sound great for today...they carry with them terrible consequences.


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