Correlation between Right to Work laws and Republican Voting

With Michigan passing right to work laws, I ask Interesting on many levels.

There is a high correlation between right to work laws and voting patterns.  This is a real blow to unions, even a greater blow than Scott Walker's taking away collective bargaining for government employee unions. One thing I was noticing was the high correlation between the two maps.  Almost all the North East, Great Lakes area and the left coast are all forced unionism states.

The correlation is not perfect, but there are weird patterns, such as Indiana.  India is the only great lakes state that is right to work.  It is also the only great lakes state to vote Republican in the last election.  Also, New Mexico and Colorado are the only states in the last election to vote Democrat.  They are both forced unionism states surrounded by right to work states.

Correlation is not causation however, so making Michigan a right to work state will not make it Republican.  If there is any causation, it is probably the Republican voting patterns that allow the state legislatures to pass right to work legislation.  In this case, Michigan could likely be an anomaly.

Another, more likely explanation is that right-to-work legislation is a sensible legislation which is being pushed by conservative voters, but is catching on slowly throughout the country.  In that case, the leglislation is likely to pass in other states too.  Map via NRTW:

Right to work States vs. Forced Unionism States
Blue = Democrat, Red = Republican


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