Protest ignite across Brazil, the radicals demand: lower the bus fare by ten cents.

From the Guardian:

An 18-year-old man was killed in Sao Paolo state after a car drove through barricades.

The country's president Dilma Rousseff called off a visit to Japan to deal with the crisis.

Official estimates suggest that there were more than a million protesters out across the country in total.
As Brazil, the emerging giant of South America, throws up in hands at protests, I can't help but think of Turkey.  In Turkey, a demonstration about an old tree in a public square caused a riot.  A country with a history of repression and political prisoners, bordering Iraq and Syria decides to riot over a tree.  In Brazil, almost a million people take to the street and the only demands they mention is to reduce the bus fare by 10 cents.  Laughable. 

The difficulty of Dilma Roussef, the current president of Brazil, is that she wants to be seen as silently encouraging the protestors.  Like Bill Clinton in Seattle, she will realize, that once you have crossed the line from liberal radical to entrenched political cog, the new liberal radicals won't like you no matter how much you pretend to like them. 


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