Why you are living in the wrong spot, or Why you should get up and move to Mogadishu

Right now, I live in Chicago, but am considering a move outside the country.  I ask myself, "where would I choose to live were I born today?"  As the world is becoming more and more urban, major cities are becoming connected hotbeds of innovation.  What most interests me is how relatively underpopulated the United States, Australia and Russia are for their size.  Asian populations, combined with economic freedoms is changing the way that our planet works.   via UN:

Bloomberg published a list of the global megacities in 2030.  That coincides with growth prospect for 2030.  My take on where I would choose to live would be in an area that had high future prospects.  Places for growth in the Americas would be Lima and Bogota which quickly will be surpassing Buenos Aires in population.  Arequipa, Peru would be a secondary spot where I would be expecting economic growth, especially with the Transoceanic highway connecting inland Brazil to the Pacific. In Asia, China has already done most of its population growth.  My prediction is that in 2030 people in India will be laughing at how unimpressive the Chinese growth story is.   The average age in India is about 26, while the average age in China is 39.  Think where India will be when the average age is 39. 

Africa too has high growth prospects, both in the Lagos/Kinshasa/Luanda region and also in the Ethiopia/Tanzania.  Tanzania will grow because it is the likely port to service the 100MM people in the African Basin.  Mogadishu/Djibouti (snicker) will grow because they will be the primary port to service the close to 100MM people in Ethiopia. 


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