Official Endorsement of Taylor R. Cottam

 After voting third-party most of my life, I’m voting for Donald J Trump. I am voting for civility and against incivility.  

* I am voting against a party that encourages mobs burning and looting of our beautiful cities, bailing out murderers and arsonists. 

* I am voting against the incivility that smeared a good judge charging with gang rape. 

* I am voting against a party which supports destroying the independent judiciary by packing the courts. 

* I am voting against the incivility that seeks to demonize opponents by harassing them or “cancelling” them. Thought experiment: who would likely get beaten mercilessly, someone with a Trump shirt at a BLM protest, or the opposite. 

* I am voting against the ignorance of bringing down statues and monuments, and even threatening Mount Rushmore. Hint: this is not about confederate statues, it is about erasing our history. 

* I am voting against a callous party that ignores science and locks low-risk children in their houses and out of schools, maximizing fear and depression.  

* I am voting against a spiteful party which never accepted the 2016 election. They conspired against a duly elected president telling Russian-collusion lies for three years when they privately said the opposite. Then they pushed an impeachment coup when that didn’t work. 

* I am voting against a pernicious ideology that foments racial hatred and discontent, telling half of America they are silent oppressors and the other half that they are oppressed. 

* I am voting against a desensitized party that prefers to pay unessential people to stay in their houses in fear instead of allowing them the dignity of running a business or earning a living. 

* I am voting against corrupting the public school system to indoctrinate our children to ignore their biological sex, hate their skin color (white or black) and loathe their country. 

* I am voting against a treasonous party which has allowed an insurrection to take place in Portland and Seattle. 

* I am voting against the incivility that demonizes political opponents as racist white supremacists. 

* I am voting against the illogic which says its ok to protest in groups but imposes infringements on worship. 

* I am voting against a party, which seeks to strip us of our right to defend ourselves, by taking away our defensive weapons and prosecuting those who who use them. 

* I am voting against a technofascist regime which actively censors, “fact” checks or demonetizes people who disagree with their narrative, even physicians treating covid patients. In the digital age, who are the bookburners now? 

* I am voting against a party which allows violent militias, BLM and Antifa, to push the Marxist agenda they cannot approve by the ballot box. 

So yes, I am voting for civility. And you are worried about Donald Trump interrupting? 

Please note that this is my post and I will likely delete comments I do not agree with. Instead just use the facebook emoticons to vote. 


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