My First Observation--Revision of American History

The Plan--Fundamentally Changing the United States

Former President Obama stated he set out to fundamentally change the United States. What was ironic is that after he said it, he followed up with how much he loves the United States. Ha! Imagine if I became the CEO of McDonald’s, but then changed the Big Mac to the Big Tofu, french fries to cucumber sticks and stopped selling burgers altogether, would it still be McDonald’s? And did I truly love McDonald’s to begin with? No.

Fundamentally changing the US starts with revising American history. If America was never great, then what is the problem with fundamentally changing it? However, you can’t have Americans actually study the truth about their history in this plan. They must convince Americans they have been lied to about their history; that US history consists of evil white supremacists who were greedy and racist; they oppressed others in the pursuit of a ruinous capitalist economic system; and they were religious zealots who compelled others to follow their rules by physical force and torture.

The Founders of the United States sought to create a perfect union…not a perfect country or people.

Now, there is no American over 30 who is ignorant to the fact that not everything in our history was pleasant. But we celebrate America’s greatness and achievements in securing freedom for the common man for the first time in human history. We do not claim the US revolution resolved all of man’s struggles. It was the beginning of something great though. It was the individual’s metaphoric foot into the door of self-determination and freedom from oppression by those with a divine right to rule. Critics of the US fail to recognize that the American experiment kick off a wave of revolutions against oppressive monarchical regimes around the world. However, today, it’s as though revisionists have cranked up the contrast setting on American History. All you see is the bad and nothing of the revolutionary. Perhaps some have sugar coated America’s past, but today’s revisionist historians instead coat it with venom.

So, what were the Founders trying to do, and what were they not doing? First, they came together by the request of those that elected them to address the issue of oppression from the British monarchy. They were not initially seeking to separate from the mother country but wanted their petitions to be heard. When that they failed they sought to fight for their own freedom. Once they won their freedom, they set out to create a government that would serve the common needs of the states (i.e. defense, foreign and interstate commerce, foreign diplomacy). The Founders compromised on a constitution that created a government strong enough to carry out the needs of the states but limited and enumerated federal power. The Founders believed in freedom for all but stumbled on the question of slavery. Had they not compromised on slavery, the south would have formed its own country and slavery would most likely have gone on much longer than it did. And for a people who just barely had won freedom for themselves, they felt it best to leave the battle for slavery for another day. And we can argue all day about that decision. Nevertheless, we cannot not deny the heavy toll the legacy of slavery cost the slaves and the nation over the next 70 plus years ending in a civil war costing over 600,000 lives.

Our founders were not perfect, they were desperate for freedom. Nevertheless, revisionists twist facts and they falsely accuse our founders of selfish motives. They judge American history in a vacuum; they fail to take into consideration that, despite failings of Americans, conditions in the United States have always been better than in the rest of the world. Slavery was an evil practice brought on this continent by the oppressive rulers of Europe. The revisionists fail to mention the great movement to rid our nation of slavery once we gained our freedom. They fail to mention that slavery existed in most areas of the world. They fail to mention the millions taking into slavery from Europe by Muslims. They fail to mention the slave trade in Africa, China and even in the Pre-Columbian Americas. They fail to mention that African slave traders were outraged when the slave trade was abolished.

They boil American history down to white Europeans coming to this land to conquer, steal land and subjugate American Indians and to build an economy on slavery. They fail to point out that what Europeans was wide open spaces unimaginable in the crowded European landscape. They fail to point out that many came for religious freedom. People who would either submit to religious tyranny and give up their faith or sail off to a wild unknown land with nothing but the provisions they could stow in a ship. People who were in no way prepared to take on the harsh environment they found themselves in once they reached American shores. They fail to acknowledge the great feats of those that left it all to start over in America. We cannot allow their shallow analysis of the facts to overshadow the absolute miracle that is the United States and for the freedom its formation has brought to the world.  

We Americans know very well our past

In the America when I grew up, I was taught about the adventurous people who set out on a brave voyage to a new land where they would be on their own to establish a new community out of a wilderness. I learned about the events that led up the American Revolution and the subsequent events that gave us the greatest throttle on governmental powers and the greatest release of human freedom the world had ever seen. Nonetheless, I was also taught about the conflicts and abuses against American Indians. I remember the diagrams of African slaves lined up in the hulls of ships. I remember what I felt as an elementary schoolboy when I realized that these people were shipped across the ocean in 17th century sailing ships. I imagined what it must have been like to travel in those ships as cargo over months to get to an unknown destination for an unknown purpose. We were taught about the terrible conditions on the plantations in our texts and in movies available at the time. No one sugar coated the Jim Crow South. My dad taught me about the Ku Klux Klan. No child growing up in my generation was shielded from ugly events in America’s past. But I ask, can you name a country without an ugly past? Is there a historical figure we cannot find fault with?

America started with courageous, hard-working fearless people. They came with nothing and built the strongest republic on earth. Many firsts and many innovations flowed out from the freed entrepreneurial spirits who were unleashed by our federal republican form of government. The United States rose to become the strongest economy in the world. Furthermore, the United States has the most generous citizenry by far in the world. The United States continues forward because of the momentum that Americans throughout our history created.

We are spoiled children of a rich legacy

Unfortunately, we Americans have become spoiled privileged children of a grand inheritance. Our ancestors started out with nothing and built something great. We now stand at the top of the mountain after being carried up it and look down and criticize the path taken to get there. We have forgotten our parents’ motivations to climb that mountain. We know nothing of the courage it took to take on the challenge and uncertain outcome. We know nothing of what went into the decisions that determined the path to get to the top. We assume, as we look down the mountain at the different paths available to get to the top, that those paths were available and visible on the way up. We don’t stop to think that we cannot see dangers on those paths that our parents could see on their way up. We assume that we would have done any better. And worst of all, we don’t thank our ancestors for the wonderful blessings their sacrifices have granted us.

After World War II, the United States was set on a trajectory of economic prosperity and social peace that no nation or empire on earth has ever seen. But is also created a society of rich, entitled and unappreciative generation. A generation that wanted for nothing. A generation that turned on their fathers. A treasonous generation brought up on the teachings of prophets likes Howard Zinn and the Post-modernists and teachings out of holy monasteries of secularism like the Frankfurt School. Seemingly overnight, it was cool not to trust your parents and to despise your nation. Yet they ignorantly overlooked that they lived in the greatest nation in the world. Perfect? No. But a nation that people risk their lives to immigrate to. A nation that does not have to build walls to keep its citizens in. A land of plenty where you can live in a large house, where $100 shoes, have the latest smart phone, choose between 20 cereals at the supermarket, walk safety in the streets with no thought of war or government instability for over 155 years. A land where no one need go hungry.

The founders of America’s new secular religion cherry pick from history. They mischaracterize great people in our history and pin them with spurious intentions. They mock our love of God, family and country. I remember when we made movies and jokes about people who wanted to ruin Christmas. In our surreal world, these people actually exist. I guess they want nothing to do with all the joy, hope and goodwill to men during that season of the year.  It is my hope to speak more on what I see happening. Why? Because I hope that someone may read this and decide to join in on saving this great nation.

A Challenge

Let’s challenge this movement. Let’s push back against their new narratives. Let’s start by learning and teaching our history and refuting the new history. Let’s start by going to the local school board meeting and pushing back. If you have read this far, thank you. I hope you come back. I hope you join in the conversation. We can take our country back. There is only one way to eat an elephant they say…one bite at a time. Start now and start local!!

[1] By men, I refer to the tradition use to include all human beings. I reject the Frankfurt School’s teaching of political correctness. I believe in taking back our language from them and stop saying things the way “they say” we should.


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