Left Wing? Right Wing? Don't put no wings on me!!!

You are NOT Right Wing

 I’ll get right to it. We must reevaluate and be vigilant of the language and ideas we use and adopt. Part of the problem that people like you and I have is that we use the language and concepts that “they” tell us to use. I am going to be doing a series on this to get people to rethink the terms and concepts they have unknowingly adopted from leftists. Much of this is simply taking time to find out who and why certain terms were created or what they have been manipulated to mean today.  

 The first term I wish to touch on is “right wing.” I am going to make an argument about why you should never call yourself right-wing and that you should never refer to the ideas you support as being “on the right” ever again. It might go against the grain a bit and require a change in our discourse but hear me out.  

 Do you remember learning about the Right and Left scale in school? Now, I know it has roots in the National Assembly of France during the French Revolution, but we don’t need to go back that far for a modern understanding. I don’t really want to get into the history of it at all, except to set the stage for my argument. We don’t need to go back farther than 1914 when Benito Mussolini was waiting in the wings for his future role as the fascist dictator of Italy.

 A little background

 Mussolini was an ardent socialist. He was named after Benito Juarez, the socialist Mexican president. During World War One, Mussolini fell away from his internationalist revolutionary roots and became a dreaded nationalist.  So, no longer being for an international revolution of the proletariat, his Fascist movement and later the Nazis took their place on the right.  From then on, calling someone right wing was the way to describe an internationalist socialist authoritarian apostate.  

So, back to our school days. Were you taught this scale or one similar?

Since the rise of Mussolini in Italy and the National Socialist Workers Party (NAZI) in Germany, Leftists have commandeered this scale to measure what type of Socialist or authoritarian you are. A way to easily label apostates. If you are on the left, where you fall on the scale is merely a matter of how radically you push socialism.  And although the right side of the scale has an apparent gradation from the more moderate Conservatism to the extremist, radical and dangerous far right Fascists and Nazis, today, the term right-wing lumps anyone who opposes the international workers revolution with a central world government with the most extreme of those on the extreme right. 

The Pinch-where do I fall on this scale?

When I learned about the scale, I quickly figured out that I was not on the extreme ends. And it wasn’t until a few years later after high school when I cared a bit about politics that I decided I was a conservative. But later, I realized I don’t agree with the progressive tendencies of conservatives and that the scale seeming lumped me in with those on the extreme right. 

And here’s the thing. I am not the low-calorie version of a Nazi or Fascist. I have nothing in common with Nazis or Fascist goals. I don’t think that 6 million Jews was too much and that killing only 500,000 is ok. I don’t believe in Lebensraum just a little. I could not sit down with a Nazi and find common ground on racial superiority. I don’t believe in devotion to the state.  I do believe in capitalism unlike fascists and Nazis. I don’t believe in authoritarian rule. I believe in the rights of the individual. 

So, this being the case, why would I put myself on a scale that seemingly shows that I am just not quite as bad as a Nazi or a Fascist? Why would I allow today’s media the freedom to associate me as a Nazi simply by saying that I am right wing?  No, I am not right wing.

I am not on this scale.

Nationalist-The term is tainted and should be avoided. 

“Oh, but you are a nationalist just like the Nazis and Fascists were!!” Well, no. I’m not. I do believe in love of country and embrace the culture of my country. I am a patriot, but I don’t believe that my love of country prevents other countries the right to exist or that Americans are a superior people. I celebrate the nations, cultures and languages that others have developed. French architecture, Italian food, Latin America music make my life richer.  

Some insist on using the term nationalist today to label themselves. But, I’m sorry, the term is irreparably tainted.  I know Donald Trump isn’t saying he is a Nazi Nationalist when he says he’s a nationalist, but I’m afraid the term is indelibly connected with Nazis and Fascists at this point. 

And if you do insist on using the term, you forever have to add the addendum “Yes, I am a nationalist, but I’m not that kind of nationalist.” You’ll have to then explain every time you’re your nationalism is not like that of the Nazis and Fascists. Why do that to yourself? Yet, this seemingly leaves me without a label. 

Perhaps someone can come up with a label for this: I believe in the individual first.  I believe the individual is sovereign. I believe that government exists to protect individual rights. I believe in individuals’ rights to join in common affection to create a society or nation that celebrates and fosters those individuals’ language, heritage and culture. I don’t believe that I have the right to use government to tell others how to live. I believe in equality of opportunity over equality of outcome. I don’t believe that taking from some to sustain others is equality. And I especially do not believe in the “virtue fee” that government officials fee entitled to because of their good works (with other people’s money) to “make people’s lives better.”

Again, it is evident that I am not a lesser degree of a Nazi or a Fascist.

Who are Right-wingers? 

Right-wingers are right side progressive authoritarians.  Progressive meaning that government is the vehicle to control and engineer society.  Authoritarian meaning that legislation and by the threat of force can are progressive means achieved. Normally, a right-winger is a nationalists in that he opposes the international workers revolution of the left; however he believes in the superiority of government to the private citizenry to get things done. Plenty of Republicans from Theodore Roosevelt on down have openly sought to use government the same way Left-wingers do to make law the issues they value. Sure, they talk about lowering taxes, maintaining gun rights, etc. Things that their base expects. But they are quick to tell you that some gun regulation is necessary and that taxing and spending on military is important. They believe it important for the United States to police the world. Of course, I don’t define all Republicans as Right-wingers, but many are.

In short, they are like leftists, but they don’t focus on eliminating nations in lieu of internationalism or central control. A leftist believes in abortion and eugenics where the right winger believes in prohibition and laws banning homosexuality. Does this all mean that right-wingers are light-Nazis.  No, they don’t have the racist and genocidal tendencies of the Nazis, but neither did the Fascists. But as I mentioned, they do have greater faith in government’s ability and duty to run society.

Now, white supremacists (neo-Nazis and KKK) are extreme right-wingers, but that is not to say that racists are exclusive to the right even though this is the way the right is portrayed.  Leftists are often plenty racist, but it is rarely called out.  If Joe Biden was a Republican, he would surely have been cancelled long ago for several insensitive racial comments and criminal legislation.  Today, a black man who identifies as “right-wing” can be racist.

Change your vocabulary and don’t let “them” label you. 

Ok, so if you’re not a right-winger or a nationalist…what do you tell people? Well, I challenge you to come up with a label. In the meantime, how about saying that you are an individualist who believes in the love of country? A patriot. A free market guy, perhaps. Or better yet, explain that you feel the people are sovereign, government is to protect individual rights, and that markets should be free.  

For too long, we have allowed others, commonly referred to “they,” to dictate the conversation. We have to begin to take it back and rethink the terms and ideas that have been put in place in the last decades.  We cannot expect to continue to play baseball on a football field and expect to win.


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