The Bully on the Corner


That’s what they would call me in Matzke Elementary School when I had a face full of burnt orange dots all over my fair skin.  Depending on speaker, it could be accompanied by one or more explicatives.  In junior high, the older kids graduated to more colorful names I can’t mention here. Few survive childhood without some bullying as adolescents explore the boundaries of what is acceptable in modern society. If we are honest, we may have done some bullying ourselves.    

We might ask ourselves what distinguishes name calling from “constructive criticism” required in the workplace.  Coaching, when done effectively, guides us toward improving ourselves or our performance. Bullying, on the other hand, focuses on immutable characteristics outside of our immediate control. The bully might call attention to outward appearance, last name, mental acumen (or lack of) or, even the color of their skin. 




[insert racial or ethnic slur]

The bully makes fun of who they are, not what they do.  An effective insult makes the target feel permanently inferior. 

Consider the humiliation and resentment of the young African American who is told that he will never achieve equal footing because all whites have irredeemable biases holding them back.  Or the poor white kid being told that, as an oppressor, he should be less white.  This is the essence of Critical Race theory.    

But then why does such a pernicious theory persist?  It gives the pusher of these lies power, self-worth, and sometimes money.  Whether white or black, once they are in on the con, they become the prosecutor of injustice, setting the terms of indemnification.  The woke mob becomes the judge, jury and executioner. 

When Black Lives Matter uses race, they become nothing more than a schoolyard bully, shaking us down of our money and dignity.  We know the bully will come after us.  But if we are united and vigilant, we can defeat it and expose the con. 


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